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Walkways - Stecks Nursery and Landscaping
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Steck's Landscaping designs and builds all types of walkways.
We can repair existing walkways or totally rebuild it. We have many types of materials to choose from. Take a look through our photo gallery to get a idea of the different types of walkways.

The Stecks Nursery and Landscaping Advantage

• Experienced masonry crews

• Many types of stone and pavers available.

• Large Stone Slab's

Walkway - tumbled brick paver - Stecks Nursery and Landscaping
This native stone walkway takes you from a tumbled brick paver patio to a pool house and pool environment on the top of the hill. The pavers are set on sand and are tumbled to give the look of an old aged cobblestone.
Walkways -Native Stone and Slab steps
A native stone walkway and slab steps leading to a pool environment and pool house. The native stone walkway is set on a stone dust base and then planted with perennials and annuals to make the walkway look as natural as possible. The use of perennials help make this natural stone walkway look alive and part of the natural environment.


Walkway Form I am interested in a walkway for my property.


Native river slabs are laid to create a natural looking stairway. The slab steps that we use are all hand selected by our designers to ensure the look they have designed is what is being installed on your project.

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