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Patio - Fairfield County, CT - Stecks Design/Build
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Outdoor Living Spaces


         One of the most important parts of the American household is the expansion of outdoor living space. One of the oldest and longest lasting forms of outdoor space is a patio.

Patio's can be made out of numerous types of stones and built many different ways. They are built with flagstone or granite, using stonedust or cement to bond together. They can be jointed or without. If you know what kind of patio you what or are not exactly sure, fill the form out below and we will design and build a beautiful patio for you.


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 • Flagstone, Granite, Brick Paver, Flagstone Paver, Stamp Concrete and Cool Decking.

 •  Custom patio design including wine racks, small refrigerators and custom barbecue installation.

Custom Barbeques

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On-line Patio Estimating

1) What type of stone do you want?

2) What type of pattern?

3) What would you like it to settle on?

4) Are you replacing an old patio?
  a) If yes, what type?
  b) If yes, How large is the patio? Length and Width
  c) If yes, Do you have to replace stairs?
  d) What type of stairs?
    Length and width of stairs?

5) Size of your new patio - Length x Width

6) Do you want a built in custom barbecue?
   If yes, What type of fuel?
   If yes, What type of material do you want the bbq?

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