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Mulch  Calculator - Stecks Nusery and Landscaping - Fairfield County, CT
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Order mulch on-line with the mulch calculator, its easy to use. Just enter the bed widths and lengths and the depth you will be spreading the mulch. Choose type of mulch, and the calculator will do the rest.
Cedar Mulch  
$55.00 / Yard
Red-brown color, fibrous texture, ideal for paths, planting beds and staying in place on inclines. As a bonus, it helps repel some insects.

Hardwood Dark Mulch
$45.00 / Yard
Rich, dark chocolate color, fibrous texture, it will suppress seed germination of weeds and keep the ground cool and moist for landscape plants.

Rough Wood Chips
Rough Wood Chips
$15.00 / Yard
Variable in size and content, ideally used as a mulch for "rougher" projects, as in woodland clearing. If used around new plants, it is best to supplement feeding of plants.

1) Enter the widths and lengths for each individual bed below.
If you already know your total sq. ft than just enter it in the first area field.

  Individual Beds
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Width (feet)
Length (feet)
Area (sq. feet)

2) What is the depth you will be spreading the mulch?
2",3", or 4".
Depth of mulch layer: inches

3)Choose type of mulch:

Total area: square feet
Mulch required: cubic yards

Suggested order: full cubic yards
Total cost:
(not including delivery cost or tax)

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Order pine mini chips in
3 Cubic Foot Bags below.

Use this table for those round garden beds.
Just enter the diameter of the bed.
Individual Circle Beds
(sq. feet)

Mulch Depth Tips

 • New planting beds 2"- 3", great for weed retardent and moisture retention.

 • Top dress existing beds in the spring 1-2"

 • Protect perennials for the winter 2"

Fairfield County Delivery

Medium and large chips of pine bark. Very decorative and reddish brown in color.
These chips give a finished look to any landscape project.

You will need 9 bags of (3 Cu. Ft) chips to cover 1 Cu. yard of bed area.
If you need to cover 3 yards of bed area then you would need 27 bags of chips.
We already figured this out for you below from the numbers you entered above.
Choose pine mini chips or pine nuggets, then add to basket. Its that easy!
You will need bags of Pine Mini Chips      
  Pine Nuggets

Call us at 203-800-800-9732 to order your mulch


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