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When you select one of our groundcovers, you know that Steck's reputation is your guarantee of quality.


Do you have a evergreen groundcover
project this season?

Myrtle - Vinca Minor

Need to figure out how much Pachysandra, English Ivy,
Myrtle or Liriope to buy for your property?

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Evergreen Groundcover
Evergreen Groundcover

   Ajuga pyramidallis 'Purple Crispa'       
5 pt. Shiny, very compact purple crepe-like leaves. Attractive ground cover. Grows only 2" tall.
   Epimedium x 'rubrum'                
5 pt. Dense carpeting perennial with heart-shaped, red-veined leaves in spring, when clusters of cup-shaped, crimson flowers and yellow spurs appear.

Recommended Planting Distances
Staggered planting looks better, and fills in faster.
(Don't plant in straight lines)

Pachysandra - 4 or 5 plants per sq. ft.
Myrtle- 6-7"on center
Ivy- 4-5" on center

Liriope- 6-7" on center

         Groundcover Planting Tips
Thoroughly prepare beds by cleaning out weeds, roots, etc... Dig in compost or peat moss lightly to 4-6" depth. Spread fertilizer on ground, then plant. Spread roots apart if mass is heavy, and firmly set plant in soil.
Water regularly just until run off occurs.


Groundcover -Mrytle Groundcover Groundcover - Vinca


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